ViewSonic XGH Networkable Projector - PG603X


ViewSonic XGH Networkable Projector – PG603X


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Brand : ViewSonic
Package thickness : 35.6 centimeters
Package weight in KGs : 3406 grams
Type : DLP


The ViewSonic networkable projector delivers a powerful performance that makes it an ideal choice for use in all domains. It is an energy efficient projector that works perfectly well on low power consumption. To begin with, this projector renders high picture quality that is bound to leave the user awestruck. Its high efficiency is a testament to its flawless functioning. This projector aims to offer bright, color-rich images in any environment. Moreover, the SuperColor technology also ensures excellent color accuracy. To enjoy access to features of multimedia devices, the user can connect multimedia devices to this projector via multiple HDMI ports. Another notable feature of this projector is its outstanding use in campuses and enterprises. Once installed in these places, this projector can also be remotely controlled through a seamless network. For quick access to data, this projector also boasts of USB display and USB reader. In addition to it, the WiFi and LAN display also tend to add to the user experience. Also, the premium quality material of this projector enhances its durability to a great extent


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