هوكو متوافق مع هواتف خلوية - كوابل الاتصال


هوكو متوافق مع هواتف خلوية – كوابل الاتصال


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•    Material: CNC integrated process aluminum alloy shell.
•    Interface: output male Type-C extension to USB2.0 female *4. Transmission rate: 480Mbps (theoretical speed). Maximum working voltage / current: V = 5V, A = 500mA (can drive a mobile hard disk up to 1T ).
•    Function: expand 4 USB2.0 interfaces that can be used at the same time. Can be used for Apple, Huawei and other notebooks. Compatible with most USB external equipment such as USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, hand-painted board, etc. Plug and play, support hot swap. Support mobile phone, tablet OTG function application.
•    System compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android 4.2 or above mainstream system.


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